The population of Belize City, the largest city in Belize, – 61,461 – is estimated to have 73,900 by 2030 under 1.86% population growth projection. As people increasingly flock to the city, its road network is coming under increased pressure, especially when it comes to public transportation.

Moderate GDP growth during the past seven years has been due mostly to growing tourism receipts and rising volumes of goods and other services exports.

High level of Debt

18 Dec 2019 Amandala

Public debt remains elevated at above 90 percent of GDP, said the IMF, which noted that Belize is vulnerable to weaker US growth, which could impact tourism, as well as higher oil prices and weather-induced natural disasters.

To sustain progress toward greater economic freedom, the government will need to continue efforts to rein in public debt and narrow the fiscal deficit. Addressing chronic problems related to corruption and the weak rule of law, however, must be its first priority.

Buses are old, overcrowded and overcharged


Bus travel is very common for locals and visitors.  However, you should ask a local the cost of your destination and make sure you have exact coins to avoid being overcharged.  The conductor will walk around the bus without uniform and asking for fares.



Buses are crowded by passengers, lack air conditioning, and can be a bumpy ride.  People rush into the bus and try to get a seat.


The buses tend to be retired school buses from the United States.

Bus crisis to fight for more revenue-earning source

6 Sept 2019

The Government has agreed with the Belize Bus Association to limit the number of foreign-owned buses that can conduct business in Belize.  The local operators believe that these foreign-owned companies from neighboring countries should not be given the opportunity to provide transportation services in Belize that locals are also able to adequately provide.

Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System as a crowdfunding tool

The AFC system can bring good cash flow to the public transportation system as there are a deposit and unused value on each passenger card. Every million passengers will contribute over US$ 1 million in cash flows based on our study.  

Besides stopping fake money and driver’s fraud, the AFC system will bring in recurrent income from transaction fees. Every million passengers will bring US$ 5 million in income per year if the transaction fee is 5% based on our study

Sustainable growth in public transportation development can be easily achieved.

Business Opportunity

Although GDP per capita in Belize was US$ 1.94 billion in 2019,  there is a high demand for public transportation especially in Belize City with a 61,461 population.

An AFC may be possible to help to make the trip comfortable as the vehicle owners will have more advance profit and more budget for maintenance. This will avoid the manipulation of the fare collectors as well.

Sustainable growth in public transportation development can be easily achieved with the implementation of an AFC System.

However, most AFC systems are very expensive with comprehensive software for account-based and financial clearance.

A low cost and effective AFC system suitable for Belize City has to be used. 

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