City grow in an unplanned way

Urban sector review by World Bank Group

Bamako has much to gain from becoming a productive and livable city.  But currently, it is far from that potential. Its urban development has been fragmented, fettering both – productivity, by preventing opportunities for matching people and jobs – and livability, by driving up the costs of urban infrastructure and service delivery.

Insufficient investments in cost-effective network infrastructures, including transport and public services, has further exacerbated urban accessibility.  

Traffic congestion is a huge burden on liveability

26 Aug 2019

Solving the congestion problem and facilitating access to basic social services is a pressing necessity for a city where only 5% of the population has access to their workplace in less than one o’clock.  The mayor of the district of Bamako, Adama Sangaré recommends an efficient public transport system, adapted to the extraordinary growth of the population.

New Buses replace Sotrama soon

26 Aug 2019

Bartering of minibuses called (Sotrama) will start in Bamako against large buses meeting the standards of modern capitals.

In 6 months, around fifty buses will be in Bamako for a test phase and will then follow 500 buses, before an extension of 1500 to 2000 buses. 

Sustainable revenue is needed

Bamako’s District Government will need to find ways to expand its sources of revenue. Urban investments are long-lived and path-dependent. 

There is an opportunity to use urban planning to make early investments in connective infrastructure and public transportation.

Business Opportunity

Although Mali has a GDP per capita of USD 927 in 2018, there is a high demand for public transportation especially in Bamako with 2.5 million residents who will live to see the population surpass 13 million by 2050.  It is time to act now.

Sustainable growth in public transportation development can be easily achieved with the implementation of an Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System.

However, most AFC systems are very expensive with comprehensive software for account-based and financial clearance.  A low cost and effective AFC system suitable for Bamako has to be used which can collect a good cash flow from other countries’ experiences.  Data is collected by the system and then used to understand urban mobility for Bamako.

Then uses the money to invest in infrastructure and driver’s training for safety.

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