Automatic Reload to the Passenger Smart Card in the Automatic Fare Collection System.

Additional engineering development and $ charges are required

If the passenger/customer card is registered for Auto reload, when the card balance is low, iBonus Validator/Terminal will automatically add value on to the passenger card. iBonus Server will charge back the credit card of the corresponding passenger/customer.

The following diagram shows that auto reload transaction is generated.

  • iBonus Server generates batch transaction file for each passenger ID daily.
  • The batch transaction file include all auto reload transactions of that day.
  • iBonus Server will also download the batch file processing result from the credit card server.

Web portal will be provided for the following functions

  • Set up the linkage between Validator, passenger and credit card account
  • View the transaction record of batch file
  • View the transaction record of each credit card transaction behind each passenger smart card auto reload transaction.

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