French Guiana has a population of 300,000 according to the latest estimates from UN’s World Population Prospects.   Around 50% of its inhabitants live in the capital city of Cayenne.  High fertility rates in French Guiana have led to a very young population. 44% of the country is below the age of 20, and a mere 1.7% is recorded as 75 or older.

The growth rate is 2.77% in the country.  Tt has a high demand for public transportation as transportation is the key for

Take a stack of tickets to take buses

Buses are the main form of transportation to get from city to city or around Cayenne.  The buses on (Agglobus) which have several lines serve the capital, while minibusses provide transfers between major areas.  However, it is important to take into account when purchasing tickets:

  1. the points of sale will only sell tickets during the customer service hours.
  2. the ticket sale at the ticket office will not be available if there are no available seats for that service or in any case, five minutes before the departure of the service.

So, it is recommended you to buy the ticket with a certain amount of advance in order to avoid problems with the availability of seats.


In general, you can buy tickets via automatic ticket-machines in those places (aboard the vehicles or at the Bus Stations) where they are installed.

However, if there are multiple travels in a day, people are better to get the stack of tickets they bought in advance.  Automatic fare collection (AFC) through smart cards is becoming standard in most advanced public transport networks of major cities around the world.

Driver pressure strike for improper management

8 Jan 2019

Bus drivers on line 7 making any minimum service impossible.  They prevent buses on line 7 from leaving the depot.  Their pressure is rising.  They communicated their demands to their operations manager: break time, health and safety concerns, alignment of their wages with those of public bus drivers, the election of staff’s representative.

Line 7 users waited in vain at bus stops. Make way for underground taxis.

On 10 Jan, the strike was ended as compliance with the rules concerning the transmission of schedules and the improvement of human resources management are taken into account.

Business opportunity

From the lesson from different countries, the improper financial management of public transportation can be improved by introducing an AFC system.

Travelers value their convenience the reduced money handling fees, save time, save paper and save space to store the tickets stack.

Records are collected, even if anonymous, provide for a much better understanding of passengers’ travel behavior. This information can also be used for better service planning.

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