All parts of Dhaka are well connected by buses and with tickets ranging from Tk 1.7 per km and mini-bus fare is Tk 1.6 per km. These are very cheap; but also quite crowded most of the time.  However, some bus don’t have route showing in the bus stop and sometime congested, auto rickshaws are the best way.

Auto rickshaws strike

Also called CNG taxi, or simply CNG are good for shorter trips. Always in a distinctive green color, three-wheeled partially enclosed contraptions that run on CNG and can seat three-four people in the back. They are much cheaper than taxis and can be hailed from the street easily.  According to 20 Nov 2017, drivers who have long faced criticism for not taking passengers to their destinations and charging exorbitant prices, say app-based transport services have made it difficult for them to earn a livelihood.  However, Bangladesh Road Transport Authority Chairman Md Moshiar Rahman says the situation is the fault of the autorickshaw drivers themselves.  The CNG Autorickshaw Workers Union Council has announced a strike in Dhaka and Chittagong over a list of demands that include the banning of app-based transport services.

In response, many have taken to Facebook, expressing their anger at autorickshaw drivers and owners and calling for a boycott of autorickshaws.

Autorickshaw cannot break even cause the problem

Autorickshaw driver say : “All the passengers use motorcycles or cars now.  They only use CNGs when they are desperate.  Some days we make Tk 200-300 after deposits.  Some days we don’t even make that.  The owners don’t lower the deposit either.”

“The owners are currently taking a Tk 1,000 deposit.  If they could lower it by even Tk 300, it would still be possible.  We could then make the kinds of trips the Uber drivers make.  We won’t be able to survive if they don’t lower the deposits.”


There is a business opportunity that using Automatic fare collection system may help to diminish the strike from CNG’s driver as the owner can get more cash in advance through the deposit by the passengers.  In this case, the owner can have more budgets to lower the deposit of the driver easily.  The system can also apply to the double-decker bus to bring the transportation system more fruitful.

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