Marrakesh is the most visited place in Morocco, which is the most visited country in Africa.  There are many famous attractions, the top one I would like to recommend is Medina of Marrakesh, Djemaa El Fna.  A bustling big market, you will find the main point of interest in a dizzying meld of ancient and new.  Highly recommend you take picture of this area at night.  It’s excellent if you can go up to the 2nd floor of (Le Grand Blacon du cafe glacier) restaurant in the picture below then you can see the whole view.


There are plenty of different stalls selling food, dried fruits, and nuts, souvenirs, copper treasures, etc.


A best way to go around is on foot.  However, when you travel outside Djemaa El Fna you may need to take a local bus or taxis.

Unfortunately, there are many taxi scams in Marrakesh.  When you check online for how people travel by taxi, many people are scammed is at the airport where it should cost you around 50-70 dirhams to get to the Medina, but drivers won’t take you for less than 350. The local buses in Marrakesh are very old and are usually packed with people.

There are few local buses in Marrakesh.  Most of those that do exist operate between the city center and the suburbs to take local people between home and work.  Buses within the town are frequent and cheap but can get crowded.  If you take short distance trip you can pay cash to bus driver directly.  However, if you are making long distance inter-city trip, you will sometime have to purchase tickets from the bus station.

There are several bus companies that operate between Marrakesh and most major towns and cities in Morocco such as Alsa, Supratours, CTM and SATAS.  Long-distance buses are comfortable and usually air-conditioned. You can buy your tickets at the bus depot. Supratours buses are handy if you are travelling onward by train since they stop at the Marrakesh train station.

Taking bus is cheap and you buy tickets from the driver. The route costs 5dh for an approx 3 mile journey.  However, please make sure you have enough change before getting on the bus. Remember to have change, most drivers do not like to break much more then a 20 Dh note.


Marrakesh is a beautiful city and you should better bargain the price for shopping.  Buses are useful for people to go between home and working place, sometime useful for traveler who want to take bus instead of bargaining with taxi driver.  There should have a business opportunity for the related public transport company to smooth their payment system and to make it more reliable for the passenger.

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