01 Oct 2019,  Mangmoom finally comes

The Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) today officially started accepting bus fare payments using pre-paid fare cards, contactless credit, and debit cards.

Pre-paid fare cards are now sold on all BMTA buses with 50 baht stored value. Each card can be topped up to a 1,000 baht maximum.

Monthly and weekly passes for ordinary and air-conditioned buses are now being sold in the form of electronic cards at designated sale points. A monthly pass for air-conditioned buses costs 1,020 baht, with 480 baht for ordinary buses. A weekly pass for air-conditioned buses costs 255 baht, while 120 baht is the fare on ordinary buses.

Discounted passes for students are also available at all bus district offices.

All types of pre-paid cards can be topped up through mobile banking apps, ATMs, and Boon Term top-up machines. Fares can also be paid using compatible state welfare cards displaying the Mangmoom symbol, or a debit or credit card from any bank with the contactless feature, or via a mobile banking app.

24 May 2019, Mangmoom card debut postponed again

The project to roll out the Mangmoom, or “spider” cards, which will allow commuters to travel in Bangkok and surrounding areas via multiple modes of transport using a single ticket, has now been postponed until September, according to SRT Electric Train Co, the operator of the Airport Rail Link.

The launch of the Mangmoom ticketing system, scheduled for this month, has been postponed due to technical problems with installing the system and an unsettled agreement over the sharing of revenue from ticket sales between three parties.

The Mangmoom card has been in the making since 2015 when it was intended to be in use in 2016. It has suffered several delays.


The initial investment for Mangmoom (Spider) card can be huge because it may attempt to make it interoperability for all public transits, but it will benefit the people who commute every day by buses.

Not all other cities in Thailand will be able to afford this kind of investment. We may have to think out of the box both financially and technically to make automatic fare collection available faster with a lower initial investment.

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