Myanmar aims to go fully cashless in five years and transportation will be a key driver.

Jan. 17 2018, Excel awarded the AFC tender

Acer Inc. is working with Excel Myanmar to introduce a cashless payment system on all public buses in Myanmar’s commercial center of Yangon.

Acer Inc. is Taiwan’s multinational hardware and electronics company.

Apr 24 2018, Excel was disqualified

Excel KC Myanmar disqualified from implementing YPS in Yangon.

Excel KC Myanmar will no longer be eligible to build and implement a card payments system covering public transportation, the Yangon Regional Government said.

One reason Excel KC Myanmar no longer qualifies is that Acer Company, which would have helped to raise foreign investment capital and contribute technological know-how in the execution of YPS, had pulled out from the Excel KC Myanmar consortium, the regional government said.

Sept. 24, 2019, Asia Starmar plans to roll out

Over 1,500 buses will get e-ticketing machines in the initial stage of the YBS e-payment project, according to Asia Starmar Transport Intelligent Co Ltd, the new tender winner for the YBS card system.

The Yangon Region Transport Authority (YRTA) is planning to launch the prepaid card payment system on YBS buses in October 2019.

The electronic ticketing system is complex, and it will take some time to implement as legal, financial, and technical matters are involved.

The bus fare will depend on the distance traveled. Two machines will be installed on each bus near the front and rear doors.

In conclusion

We will keep follow up with the YBS card system development in Yangon.

It is a typical phenomenon for under-developing countries to finance new infrastructure. Most of the time, they demand the best of class technology but they don’t realize the return of investment may not be able to justify the financing.

The writer has participated in the first tender of YBS card system in late 2017. To learn more about AFC system financial, visit

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