If you don’t stamp your bus ticket, you will be fine for 20 EUR in Sofia

“The public transport control in Sofia is a mess. I have never found acceptable the way they interact with people when they suspect improper usage of tickets or transport… and believe me, they do not make difference between locals and foreigners”, comment from a user of Tripadvisor.com


Buses, Trams, and Trolleys in Sofia

Sofia’s buses, trams and trolleys run on a regular schedule and will take you almost anywhere. Some of the vehicles might even take you back in time.

Indeed, some of the trams clattering down the streets of Sofia are over 50 years old and though very popular with photographers, make for a somewhat uncomfortable ride. Luckily the overwhelming majority of the buses and trolleys are considerably newer and more comfortable.


Automatic Fare Collection is not available for Buses.

Talks of introducing an electronic ticketing system, mobile apps and city-wide pass have been going on for quite a while, but in 2019 the ticketing system in Sofia is still archaic and requires an elaborate procedure of purchasing a paper ticket with cash (only!) and physically punching it on a metal machine mounted in the vehicles.


Ongoing Development of AFC system

Sofia’s Urban Mobility Center said on Monday that it has signed an 83.2 million levs ($48.3 million/42.5 million euro) contract with a consortium led by local Computernet Services for the supply, integration, and maintenance of an automated electronic system for fare collection in the city’s public transport.

The contract was signed on December 11.



There may be a quick way to installing an automatic fare collection system to the local buses with very low investment with a good return of investment.

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