A majority of bloggers with huge audiences in Africa are still monetizing their sites in the traditional way via sponsored ads or Google Adsense. While traditional methods such as Adsense provide a fairly modest income, affiliate marketing is, without a doubt, a better and more attractive option.

The major problem, however, is the limited number of affiliate networks in Africa. There aren’t as many affiliate networks in Africa as in Europe or North America.

Here are some affiliates available for Africa today:


1. 24Monetize

24Monetize is the first lottery affiliate network to specifically focus on African traffic. Keep in mind that the lottery is currently a top-performing niche in untapped markets such as Africa. The lottery has the highest conversion rates and high returns.

Though relatively new in the market, 24Monetize is a fast-growing lottery affiliate program. The network has gained a good reputation for high player value and high conversion and retention rates.

As a 24Monetize affiliate, you can promote some of the biggest lotteries in the world to the massive African traffic. You have access to promote big lotteries such as USA Mega Millions, US Powerball, EuroMillions and many more.
It is easy to get approved and high commission.


2. Konga Affiliate Program

The program gives affiliates from Nigeria a good opportunity to make money online by promoting a wide range of products for comparatively high commissions.

One of the reasons you’d want to join the Konga affiliate program is their intuitive easy-to-use affiliate software which is powered by Postaffiliatepro.

Konga pays commissions based on sales price categories. The commissions range from 3 to 9 percent of the product price depending on the product category.


3. Wakanow

Wakanow is a top online travel company based in Nigeria. The company provides clients with just about everything they need to plan their trips, from research, planning, and paying for either a local or international trip.

Travelers can also benefit from Wakanow’s services from access to cheap flight fares, airport pickups, hotel reservations, and visa assistance to full vacation packages and much more.

A reward scheme that pays you more for selling more. Affiliates can also win prizes such as free hotel stays, airline tickets, and Wakanow credit among other fabulous prizes.


4. Travelstart

Travelstart is one of the largest online travel agencies in Africa today. Established in 1999, the company’s affiliate program allows anyone with internet access to build his or her own travel agency from the comforts of your home or office.

Affiliates get access to their advanced flight booking engine that allows clients to search, compare, and even purchase the cheapest local and global flights. They also have great customer care and support to help clients in every step of the way while searching and booking or paying flights.

The partnership program pays you on a referral basis.


5. Jumia

Jumia is a well-known name in Africa. In fact, it rivals international retail giants such as OLX and Amazon in most parts of Africa. Jumia was established in 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria but presently has a strong presence in over 23 countries in Africa.

Jumia specializes in diverse commercial fields including retail, travel, real estate, jobs, food, car rentals, and a host of other services. They have a great affiliate program that pays commissions of up to 13% for sales that you generate.

6. Automatic Fare Collection System Affiliates

Shortage of cashnote, fraud, and fake money have been problem for bus companies in Africa. However, nobody wants to invest or to finance any fare collection system for old buses.

By following a proven financial model based on charging a minimum deposit on each passenger stored-value card, it will be a big money making business with minimum or no investment.

Operating as an Automatic fare collection operator independent from the bus company, you can have a postive cash flow of investment over USD 1 million, and earn about USD 1 million every year for population of a million passengers.

Simply by referring the link, the affiliate can receive an attractive 30% commission of the software license purchased by the AFC operator or Bus Company. For every 1 million passengers the Bus company has, the affiliate can receive more than USD 50,000 potentially.
To learn more, autofare.net

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