There are 4 basic variables:

  1. How many passengers will buy the stored-value cards initially?
  2. How many buses to install the bus validate terminal initially?
  3. How many locations to install the top-up terminal initially?
  4. Determine the pricing of a new stored-value card. Learn more

“As a rule of thumb, if you can sell 150 passenger cards at $3, it can cover the cost of each terminal installed.” – 150 cards / terminal

Post Author: Keith Lau

2 Replies to “Determine the initial AFC investment ?”

  1. hello Keith,

    i would like to establish the AFC system in my country Zambia , we are a developing country and the digital space has a lot of opportunities. I am not a Tech person, i am an entrepreneur.

    Please advice on how i can make this dream a reality

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