Urban population growth plays a very important role in evaluating the supply and demand of transport.  Based on the population and housing census of 2012 Dodoma District had 410,956 whereby males are 199,487 and females are 211,469. The region population is still increasing more rapid because of the increase in different human economic activities such as trade, worker and institution.
The growth of the population and density of the buildings in the cities only add further to the difficulties of traffic and plague to endless congestion, grave air pollution, alarming accident rates and lengthy travel time to work.  

Minibus drivers strike for unfair’s fine

Sep 2016 IPPMedia
Hundred of daladala (minibuses) drivers went on strike leaving thousands of commuters who rely on public transportation stranded.  Residents of Dodoma municipal faced transport problems after commuter buses stopped services for more than seven hours after bus drivers at main bus stop went on strike accusing traffic police for demanding bribes and frequent fines.  “They cannot go far without being stopped numerous times by the police, they collaborate with each other.” the commuter said.

Tanzania weak on public transport involvement

Governmental’s involvement in the public transport sector is minimal.  The weak authorities work in an unequal relationship with the actors.  The partnership between the public institutions and authorities and the private bus operators is incomplete due to the absence of representation of the interests of important actors like the public transport employees and the passengers.

Government Financial problem

26 Nov, 2019 Reuters
Tanzania has received a $1 billion syndicated loan arranged by the Trade and Development Bank for infrastructure projects about transportation and is seeking an additional $500 million from the regional lender, the presidency said.
East Africa’s third biggest economy wants to profit from its long coastline and upgrade rickety railways and roads to serve growing economies in the wider East and Central Africa region.

Business opportunity

In 2016, GDP per capita in USD (PPP) is 1,830 in Dodoma region which is ranking no. 19 among all the cities in Tanzania.  There are many theories as to why African countries are so poor, some of which are compelling like Dodoma.

Instead of loan, why not apply a sustainable automatic fare collection (AFC) which can bring a good cash flow as from other countries’ experienced.

To accomplish a sustainable public transport system in developing countries, it is important to include all the stakeholders in the coordination of the sector.  AFC is simple and off-the-shelf but it can improve financial issue for the buses owners.
The writer is a frequency traveler.  To learn more about AFC, please visit mobileafc.net.

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